Karo Akaba, Acting Chief Executive Officer, Pan African Towers

Pan African Towers has organised its strategy session for the 2022 business year. The session which held on February 3, 2022 at the Lilygate Hotel, Lekki in Lagos, saw the indigenous telecom infrastructure company propose plans on how to sustain its 100% power availability at all its sites.

Speaking during the strategy session, the Acting Chief Executive Officer of the company, Karo Akaba reiterated the importance of telecommunication in our everyday life. She noted that what telecommunication does in the world is critical and as such it is a critical infrastructure that is needed to foster access to finance, education, health, insurance, and other aspects of the economy.

Akaba told her team that Pan African Towers strives to be the best telecom infrastructure company in Africa and as such everyone must work as a team to achieve results that will lead to the growth and development of the company. She called on all members of her staff to apply the five core values of the company which include: Innovation, Customer focus, Service Quality, Cost Advantage and Speed, in the discharge of their everyday duties. She said if every staff takes these five core values seriously when performing their varying roles, then the company will be on the path to continue blazing the trail.

Akaba who took a stock of the company’s achievements for 2021 thanked all members of the Pan African Towers family for their hard work and commitment towards achieving these impeccable results for the 2021 business year. She said the efforts put by all members of the Pan African Towers family has led to the growth of the company. She stated that 2021 was a very great year for the company, as it focused on providing 100% power availability to all its customers. She went further to add that Pan African Towers strived to provide high quality network services which was heavily powered by its clean renewable energy solutions. She said these service improvements and continuous investments especially in its sustainability initiatives, led the company to receive the Most Energy Efficient Company of the Year Award as well as three other awards which included the Telecom Infrastructure Company of the Year Award at the 2021 Nigeria Business Leadership Awards and twice as Africa’s Best Telecommunication Infrastructure Company of the Year Award at the African Brand Leadership Merit Awards and the Pan African International Merit Awards respectively.

Akaba noted that 2022 was going to be a great year for the company as it will try to do more than it did in the previous year. She called on all members of the company to be steadfast in discharging their duties as this will help the company to achieve greater results in the 2022 business year.

In her words “What we do this year is very critical to the growth and development of our business. We should remain steadfast when performing our roles and work with every member of your team to deliver optimal results. The results that we churn out this year is dependent on how well we work together to achieve these results. We must imbibe our core values and work as a team to ensure we deliver excellent results in 2022. We must ensure that we continue to provide 100% power availability on all our sites, so we can continue to provide premium services to our customers”.

Akaba once again thanked each member of staff for their commitment to the company. She opened the floor to quality deliberations as the company outlined its business objectives and Key Performance Index (KPIs) for the 2022 business year.

The strategy session ended with every department clearly identifying their objectives and KPIs with a group resolution to work harmoniously to achieve these objectives and keep the customers satisfied.