Today we celebrate another important milestone in Nigeria’s history. We celebrate 61 years of a rich cultural heritage in Nigeria, 61 years of togetherness and unity, 61 years of independence from the claws of colonialism. We have come a long way as a nation and the spirit of unity and harmony continues to keep us as one nation. May we take this beautiful moment to celebrate Nigeria on her 61st anniversary. During this period, Nigeria has become the largest economy in Africa with over $448 billion in GDP, she has a thriving telecommunication sector that accounts for about 14.42% of Nigeria’s GDP with a mobile subscriber base of more than 189 million subscribers, and a broadband penetration rate of 41% as at August 2021.  
Pan African Towers celebrates Nigeria at 61, as we also mark three years of business operations in the country. May unity, togetherness and fairness continue to bind us together as we work tirelessly to make Nigeria a great nation.
We use this opportunity to thank each and every one of our customers, staff, regulators, management, board members and every stakeholder that is critical to our business.
Happy 61st Anniversary. God Bless Nigeria