Today marks another important milestone in Nigeria’s history. This is because we celebrate 21 years of Civilian and Democratic Government since 1999. In 21 years, we as citizens have enjoyed our fundamental human rights as enshrined in the 1999 constitution as well as the UN declaration on Human Rights. In 21 years, we have witnessed a total revolution of the telecom industry which now accounts for more than 196 million subscribers as at Q4 2020 with a broadband penetration rate of 42.06% as at Q1 2021. Our industry contributes about 12.45% to Nigeria’s GDP as at Q4 2020 according to the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) and we as a company have continually made giant strides to bridge the telecom infrastructure gap that sits at over $36 Billion. 

Pan African Towers is continuously dedicated to contributing tremendously to the growth and development of the Nigerian economy by ensuring that it provides the network connectivity that will enable Nigerians have access to life-enhancing services like health, banking, agriculture, education, and even the day to day communication with anybody anywhere in the world. As a company, we have continuously supported and respected the mutual partnerships with every stakeholder we deal with and we treat all our stakeholders as the family that they are. We have been able to build a resilient and hardworking workforce that is ever committed to the growth of the company and we are proud with the work we are doing to bring growth and development to the economy, through the use of advanced technology powered by clean renewable energy.

At Pan African Towers, we are committed to providing network connectivity to all underserved areas in Nigeria and we are continuously investing in providing the telecom infrastructure that can connect citizens to the world and create the opportunity for financial inclusion.

So on this special day, we celebrate our nation’s democracy and pray that the nation continues to grow in peace, unity and progress. We wish Nigeria a Happy Democracy Day and pray for God’s continuous blessings on our beloved country. Happy Democracy Day to Nigeria and God Bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.