Sumanta Kumar Ray, Acting CEO, Pan African Towers

The Acting CEO of Pan African Towers, Sumanta Kumar Ray has disclosed that Pan African Towers will be gravitating towards powering its sites using clean renewable energy. Ray made this statement as he marked his company’s three years of business operations in Nigeria. The PAT Chief stated that Pan African Towers’ top priority is to provide high quality network services to all its customers using state of the art technology at lower cost.

In his words, he said

“Our utmost priority is to provide high quality network services to our customers. We want to make sure that our customers have access to the premium services we provide and we plan to do this by deploying the best technology at low cost to our customers”

“We believe in the sustainability of our environment and that is why we are investing heavily in renewable energy by deploying solar panels, supercapacitor batteries and other green hybrid solutions that will guarantee our customers about 100% power availability on our sites”. He said

“We have entered into strategic partnerships with Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) to ensure that power is constantly available on our sites twenty-four hours of the day, seven days of the week. We have seen the remarkable results from powering some of our sites by renewable energy and since the results are unbelievable, we are planning on converting about 50% of our sites to be powered by solar energy at the end of Q3 2022. When we do this, we are optimistic that we can significantly reduce our carbon footprints by 15% in the next few years”. The Telecom Genius said.

Ray also stated that Nigeria is on the verge of becoming a digital economy and that it is towercos like Pan African Towers that can partner with the nation to achieve this vision. He said with its aggressive roll-out plans, Pan African Towers will partner with the government and key stakeholders in the industry to bridge the connectivity deficit that infrastructurally stands at about $36 billion in Nigeria. He said it is the plan of Pan African Towers to be visibly present in every area in Nigeria especially in underserved areas so that people living in those regions can be connected to the world and have access to basic life-enhancing services like healthcare, banking, insurance and education.

The PAT Head mentioned that the National Broadband Plan developed by the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) is the gateway to transforming Nigeria into a Digital Economy and that with a uniform implementation of the Right of Way in all states of the federation as well as the passage and implementation of the Critical Network Infrastructure bill, Nigeria can achieve about 90% coverage of its population and about 70% broadband penetration by 2025

He stated that Pan African Towers is open to exploring newer technologies like 5G which can be a gamechanger for all spheres of the economy.

“5G is a game changer as it can facilitate telemedicine, artificial intelligence, automated processes, blockchain technology, Internet of Things, cloud computing and other significant benefits the technology offers. We are ready for it. With the Federal Executive Council approving the National Policy for 5G in September, and with a possible auctioning of the licenses for 5G spectrum around the end of Q4 2021 and Q1 2022, Nigeria is on track to becoming a digital economy. As Pan African Towers, we will be there to work with the government and all relevant stakeholders to achieve this vision”. Ray concluded.

Pan African Towers was recently awarded as Africa’s Best Telecom Infrastructure Company of the Year at the sixth edition of the African Brand Leadership Merit Awards. This is the fifth award the company has received in its three years of business operations in Africa.